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Front windows glass lifts up

Hi all, i dont know anyone else with a Swift Sport so thought id ask here to quickly put my mind at rest.

When the front windows are down can you very easily pull the glass up and pretty much out of the runners? I was cleaning the glass the other day and noticed it was loose but wasnt expecting to come straight up - on both driver and passenger sides. I can get a video if that helps!


I think it's pretty common with swifts. I've not had the issue with my current swift although it happened on my last. (That wasn't a sport though).

Are your windows working properly or do they seem to go up and down slowly too?

Thanks for the response.

Yep everything is working properly and no slow down etc it was just alarming!

Have you sorted the Issue with the glass or are you not bothering 🤔

It doesn't appear to be an issue so haven't done anything with it. The windows go up and down ok and unless it doesn't happen with everyone else's Sport I'll leave it at that until my next service

That's fair enough. Also, what year Is your Sport? Think I'll have to check my new 2015 Swift Sport to see whether I've got the same Issue. A video would also be good If possible, just for future reference 👍

Just to let you know that I went out earlier today to see If my car has the same Issue with the front windows and It looks as If It doesn't. The glass seems to be quite firm In the runners. Just thought I'd let you know bud.

Thanks for the info 👍🏻