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Gear Knob

Only just about a mod I know. Despite the ridiculous cost suzuki charge for the leather gear knob it's something I've been meaning to change since I got the car as the plastic gear knob just didn't feel right in the hand.

This leather and chrome one feels alot more premium and just makes changing gear even more of a pleasure with that superb 6 speed.

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Hi Cloughy.

How does the gear knob come off? Does It twist or just pull straight off. Also mate, can I ask you where you bought It from as I really like the look of that,


Looks really nice and definitely feels great in hand. I was also thinking about it, but not sure I am ready to pay so much for a gear knob.

Suzuki shop

It's screw type so took 2 mins to swap

Thanks for the reply and Info Cloughy.

The paint on the gear knob was looking a bit worse for wear on my Sport so I repainted it in the body colour and inlaid the numbers and lines in red, I also looked at the Suzuki optional part but it was too rich for me.

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Get yer knobs out!! 🤣

I'd rather spend 60 quid on a good aftermarket knob like my Monster Sport one. You can get a good Beatrush, Cusco or Carbing one for the same price 👍

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Marc Roberts, the gear knobs on our 32's just unscrew, I've read that they're very tight but with a bit of liquid chalk on my hands I undid mine without any problem. 👍

Thanks for the Info Uruk Hai 👍

Klippie. I think that you've done a good job there mate with that knob. Looks as good as the real thing to me. And I also agree that the price of the Suzuki optional part Is way too pricey 🤔