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Gear Linkage Problem


Out of the blue I got into to drive my Swift and the gear stick was wobbling all over the place, only 3rd and 4th could be selected, so any left to right movement was not being transferred through the linkage. All looked good under the bonnet so we popped off the trim around the gearstick. This was as simple as removing a few Phillips screws and gently pulling. Problem was found to be that a simple plastic end on a link had come off a pin. This was due to a rubber bush inside the plastic housing perishing/breaking and causing the pin to become lose in the hole.

UPDATE: The single part is not available from Suzuki, the entire gear linkage must be bought for Β£94.50.


Make shift bush made from hosepipe (filed to give positive but not too tight fit within gear cable plastic end) is pushed onto shaft. Apply lubricant to reduce wear over time.

Plastic end pushed over bush.

Washer put over shaft. The washer we used wash again filed to 8.7mm internal diameter to go over the slight lip on the shaft.

8mm external circlip (7.4mm internal) holds it all in place.

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Hi Peter, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

Also mate, thanks for this Info as It will most certainly come In useful for somebody In the near future πŸ™‚

Cheers Mark, nice to be useful to someone hopefully! Can’t say my knowledge stretches much further than that πŸ˜‚

I'm sure you could get a PTFE bush made up at a machine shop somewhere for pennies πŸ‘

And don't forget to give us an update Peter about how you get on with replacing the parts you need πŸ‘

Absolutely, I have an eBay order on its way that I think is a good fix. Maybe better than the original

I'll watch this thread with great Interest as I'm one of those people that love cars but am bloody useless with anything mechanical πŸ‘

Great post Peter, and good to be resourceful with bits & pieces lying around, rather than an excessively highly-priced part! Good to see the WZA twin is back on the road!

Quote from Peter Norrish on May 14, 2019, 4:38 pm

Absolutely, I have an eBay order on its way that I think is a good fix. Maybe better than the original

Could you post the link please. πŸ‘

This turned out to be the only eBay part. Everything else was found in the garage I’m afraid so I don’t have a link for a bush or washer.