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Gearbox Problem ZC32


yes, that's me hahaha.
how is the zc33s going?? which colour did you choose?

Quote from gonzagnr on December 10, 2019, 10:32 pm

yes, that's me hahaha.
how is the zc33s going?? which colour did you choose?

Nice to hear from you again.

The new Sport is great, really love the car, but they don’t put much paint on them anymore 👎 I went for the Red.

Hi Paul.

How's the gearbox Issue since your original query about a month or so ago? Has It loosened up and smoothed out yet?

Thanks for all the replies folks, sorry I haven’t been as active as I’d like recently.

Just a bit of an update - since my first post I had brought the car back to the dealer who sold me the car and their team had changed a bushing within the gearbox. This had improved the overall action of the gear change but the problem of very difficult downshifts remained.

Just yesterday I spoke with the dealer again and he’s very kindly going to have the gearbox rebuilt. He was confident that his gearbox specialist knows what is causing the problem. Due to the timing of everything it may not be done until after Christmas so I will of course update you all once the work is complete.

Thanks again for all your help folks!

Hi Paul. Good luck with the rebuild mate. But just remember what's already been said. That the gearboxes on the Swift Sports are known to be a bit clunky and notchy. Especially until they warm up a bit and In the cold weather. This was the first thing that I noticed with mine a few months ago.

And we look forward to hearing that the gearbox Issue has been sorted sometime after Xmas. Hope you have a good one 👍

Good luck mate, hopfully everything will be fine when you get it back.

As said, let us know how you get on ?

good look, keep us posted about the outcome.