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2007 silver swift sport for sale

Hi all,

I’ve given up trying to fix the clutch issue now as I’ve been told even the clutch pipe hasn’t solved the issue... so I’ve put a deposit down on a 2012 white swift sport looks lovely 2 owners since new and drives nicely as well.. also in very good condition so hopefully this one will do me justice now and this is the one! That’s if I get accepted on the finance of course which cross fingers I will! Does anyone here want to buy a 2007 silver swift sport it’s obviously not working properly so will be selling it as spares or repairs, I’ve replaced the clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch pipe and I can’t afford to put any more money into trying to fix the issue as I’ve already put nearly a grand into it.. Selling for £1500.

Good luck with the new car purchase Gina. Sometimes It's definitely best just to cut your losses and to buy something different. Fingers crossed that It will all go through smoothly for you 🤞

Thanks Marc, I’ll keep everyone updated... do you know of anyone who could make use of the car?

Quote from GinaG on January 4, 2020, 6:46 pm

Thanks Marc, I’ll keep everyone updated... do you know of anyone who could make use of the car?

Not at the moment Gina.

But I'll certainly keep my eyes and ears open for you In case I hear of somebody who Is.

Also Gina, have you tried advertising the car on the Suzuki Swift Sport Facebook page. It should definitely boost your chances of selling the car :

I've had a quick look but haven't seen one, you could if you haven't already put an advert on the for sale section of this forum.

Good luck with the sale and your new car. 👍

Glad you found a nice SSS. As Marc says sometimes it's best to know when to call it a day with a problem like this. Might be something on the gearbox side of things that is causing issues, which can be expensive to fix anyway.

Having just spent a fair amount of time trawling ads to find my recent purchase, as well as the SSS owners group Facebook for sale area, I would also suggest Facebook marketplace and also Gumtree as other places to advertise that are free and will get quite good exposure.

Good luck with the sale, and enjoy your next SSS!