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Grey ZC33S Hybrid from Germany


this is my first Post, so here is a small Introduction:

My name is Christian and I'm from Ulm, Germany. I'm an electrical engineer by trade and i work as software developer in a company that delivers voice control to most Automotive OEMs (including Suzuki).
I have a strong interest in mechanical engineering and Sim Racing.
Since i got my drivers license about 15 Years ago, i went trough a process of owning several cars for about a year each before i finally bought a Swift Sport in December 2020 (MR2 AW11, Nissan Z31, Nissan S13, BMW E36 320I, Nissan S13, Subaru GC8 WRX, MR2 SW22, Nissan S14, BMW E36 M3, Subaru Forester 2.0t, Subaru GD RS, MX5 ND 1.5, Lexus IS200t).

Owning those cars, I learnt a lot of mechanical Skills (Changing Brakes, rod bearings, Clutches, Engines, welding, ...) but also that the most fun car, is usually the one that is most reliable. And if your car feels slow, search for roads or tracks with tighter bends.

I bought the Swift because it is a economic, sporty, small car, just like a MX5 ND. I have to park the car on the public road, so a fixed roof is also an advantage.

In the short period of owning the Swift, the grabbing factory Sport seats, the light weight and the suspension setup are the points i'm most happy with.

So far i added some wheels and tires:
- Borbet W 16x6,5 ET50 (about 7,2 kg)
- Kumho Wintercraft WP51 XL (I had them before, nothing special, but ok.)

I would like to add:
- Oil catch can(s)
- probably 16" wheels for the summer
- Polybushings to the suspension, the shifter and the engine mounts (Although shifter and suspension feel fine for now).
- Maybe a fully adjustable suspension if i discover the need for it (KW V3 would be my choice).

So i might or might not own my Swift for a very long time, but i will try to share my experiences and contribute to this community for the time being.

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A big welcome to the SSSOC Chris. And what a great Introduction to the forum 👍

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