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HKS Flash Editor for ZC33S

Looks like HKS released their ECU re-writer tool for the ZC33S in July.

It looks like it is now possible to re-write the ECU tune without pulling the ECU apart. This is a similar tool to what I used to re-flash the ECU in my Mustang GT V8 about 14 years ago. It basically, extracts your stock tune from the car and stores it in the tool. Then re-flashes the ECU with a new 'canned' tune. In my opinion, this is a better option than those devices that intercept signals from certain sensors to fool the cars ECU into providing more boost, etc. Race Chip and TDI Tuning boxes, etc. They all fool the ECU. This HKS Flash Editor actually re-writes a full custom tune into the ECU - albeit a canned tune. I'm not sure how flexible the tool is and whether you are able to tweak canned tunes further before re-writing them into the car... making it useful for a full on dyno session, etc.

Looks to deliver about 20 HP more on a stock turbo.

Looks interesting, do you think you will try it?

Looking at Hks website dyno tuners with the Hks sifter can further refine the tune. Not sure how many garages in the UK would have it but there at least some.

Quote from xu5 on October 1, 2020, 10:44 am

Looks interesting, do you think you will try it?

I was going to ask that 🤔

For me, this is preferable to removing the ECU from the car and ripping the lid off to get to the guts. I wouldn't be surprised if the ECU's are sealed in a vacuum. So breaking them open to bypass security is probably not the best idea in my opinion.

I'm interested in the Flash Editor more than any other option - as long as it works on UK supplied Swift Sport ECU's of course!

Remappers just latch onto the pins on the ecu now, no need to crack it open 👍