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For those who drive there zc33s HARD/aggressive driving , causes exhaust FUMES (odorless) killer in the interior of the car.
Suzuki will not say but they there having issues with there complete exhaust design catalyst all through the back.
There hiding this issue like in the past with the steering rack.
Source Suzuki S.A.

I can't say I've experienced this when out on a lengthy hoon. You'd know if you were suffering because you might feel nausea and fatigue due to the fumes.

Link to source?

Sorry but this must be isolated incidents if it exists.
I give my car grief all the time and never had an issue.

I have done 5 hours trips every month giving the car grief and never come across any issues

sat in a conferance call with the Bahamas that imports the sport the entire caribbean and south america.
the service manager here had some really tuff questions and focused on the catalyst. they have dodged most question .
it seems that countries with poor gas quality or low octane will cause issues after some agressive driving and catalyst is hot.
some how the exhaust smell seeps into the cabin. my dealer is willing to take car back but after call with suzuki no more sports .
looking at a vw gti now.

I'll just warn you now, VW are absolute trash 👌

Quote from Kris on July 23, 2020, 9:34 am

Sorry but this must be isolated incidents if it exists.
I give my car grief all the time and never had an issue.

I have done 5 hours trips every month giving the car grief and never come across any issues

I'm inclined to agree with Kris. These must be isolated problems - rather than general issues across a range of cars.

Suzuki are not afraid to recall cars for safety issues. My 32S was recalled to get the rear caliper's replaced. My 33S was recalled to get the airbag module updated with new software. Something about an airbag can go off if the rear door was slammed with the engine running.

Toxic gases entering the cabin via a faulty exhaust I reckon would be high on the list when it comes to safety. There's no doubt in my mind that Suzuki would recall cars if this was deemed a general issue. Replacing faulty exhaust components is an easy issue to fix.

The same can be said of this steering issue you mentioned in the past. I've not heard of that issue anywhere else. So I'd wager this is not a common issue either.

Anyway, as regards the VW Polo GTI or Golf GTI. Both are considerably heavier than the Swift Sport. The Polo GTI is a good handling car - but not as good as the Swift Sport from what I've heard. The Golf, even the sportiest variants - like the Club Sport, suffer with terrible rear suspension oscillation. Either due to poor design, or poor chassis rigidity. As the Golf uses a common platform (the MQB), I suspect it's more to do with a 'one for all' chassis design rather than a suspension issue. Suspension oscillation is a side effect of a chassis incapable of effectively managing the weight of the car during high suspension load. Such handling traits can put you backwards through a hedge if you're not careful.

The Swift Sport has no such issue. It's also considerably more agile than any Polo or Golf. If you've got used to driving the Swift Sport at the edge of grip, and the extreme 'chuckability' of the Swift Sport chassis. You will certainly miss such fun handling in a Polo or a Golf.

I'm not knocking the Polo and Golf. To a point, they are good handling cars, and have some materials that will feel nicer than the Swift Sport - if you care about such things. Some variants are obviously quicker - again, if you care about speed above everything else. But such cars are more isolated in what you feel as a driver. They are great all-rounders, more comfortable even - but that isolation comes at a price.

VW's are nowhere near as good as they used to be. The Mk8 Golf is not doing well in the press either. Apparently, a lot of cost-cutting by VW. It's already looking like it has handling compromises as well. Nothing new then!

Interesting Info about the new VW Golf. I was actually thinking of buying one as my next car. But Maybe now I'd better look Into It a bit more 🙄

VAG are the best! marketing

Quote from xu5 on July 25, 2020, 12:12 pm

VAG are the best!

I must admit that I've always wanted a Golf because of their excellent reputation and build quality. But If the quality of VAG has actually diminished like some people seem to think It has, then It does make you think twice before buying 🤔

VW GOLF GTI are great cars but for the money the SSS is the best. Solution for those with bad quality gas such as mine remove the guts out of the catalytic and intall. WE do not have emissions control on the island. Suzuki is having issues with there cheap made catalytic converter.