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What a shame to hear that Ruben.
I know a lot of cases from japan and south america with problems in the steering rack on the 33s also, not only 31 and 32s.
is your car having problems with the rack? or for the moment only the fumes?

btw , removing the guts out of the catalyst did not help interior toxic.

so you are now running with a decat (gutted) catalyst?

Hi Ruben, also from SA here. Recently bought my ZC33s a few months ago (demo model, 10 000km in now). I occasionally drive my car quite hard but haven't encountered any smell in the interior (only a slight burning smell outside the car which I have made a post about).

Do you have any further information/sources regarding this leak in the interior?

I'm quite curious, because from a legal perspective there could be major repercussions if this is true? (I am an attorney myself).

latest. almost passing out when stopped. Took a hour break and drank some water and drove gently windows open. Next day took my car back to dealer and gave me a free loaner. At this point they do not want to order new zc33 so now we are trying to come to a solution of getting my money back.
wish me luck.

Blimey Ruben. That sounds like a huge exhaust leak. If they cannot pinpoint the problem, I'd be surprised.

This has got to be isolated to a few problem cars. If it was a general issue - we'd all be moaning about it.

Good luck Ruben and fingers crossed that you can get your money back 🤞

well fellas i appreciate all your inputs and concerns. Good news, the dealer took car back and ordered another one with a october production japan as 2021 model.Did not want to give up on this baby pocket rocket. Its all great driving right out of the box at a good price.
Happy, the bum side , its a six month wait . From all black to

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That's great new Ruben. And I'm sure that the 6 months will pass quickly as well. Love the colour blue as well 😎

thanks Marc. my car is a huge part of my life so i will have to busy for the next 5 months working out chilling with the chicks.