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Induction kit worth it?


Is an induction kit worth adding? Bhp gains, noise? Or does it jist bog the car down?

A good 'cold air' system will be benificial πŸ‘

From what ive herd it sharpens throttle response and sounds good but it wont do much for bhp mabe like 5bhp more at very most but yes i do think it would be worth getting dont have one myself yet but i pan on getting one

Thanks for replies guys. Im loolomg at the blitz advance power intake. Yeah Ive read and heard they add little to no power but add nice soound. I just dont know for the swift sports specifically. If i get 5_10bhp gains and a nice sound its all good πŸ‘ if you guys have amy intakes done let me jnow your experiences πŸ™‚

You won’t see more than a couple of hp from a intake on 32s but sound will be awesome. Check out our intake kit lowest prices on the market but designed to work on European models. Plenty of cold air you can see the filter through the front grill.

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Thanks ctc. I emailed you guys regarding help with buying parts from your website i dunno if you got it. I want turbo added eventually i understand you guys have that running on a zc32? Ill be buying an intake may-june from your website, then many other parts over the next year or so. any help is much appreciated πŸ‘πŸ‘

Start here

Ctc video. Intake only gain 1.5
With remap up to 147 bhp

Cheers for that link, i would love to go to ctc and get a remap done while getting the intake installed, Its too far for me to travel. Im looking at getting the remap done elsewhere, hopefully when i get around to added an exhaust ill be looking at around 150-155bhp before adding the turbo

Here is a turbo swift for you: πŸ™‚
Worths checking this guy's other videos.

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Definitely worth it! Bhp gains are practically zero but the sound above 4K with foot flat is awesome. And unlike an exhaust there is no drone when cruising can only hear the difference with your foot flat, I got mine just so I could take my engine cover off to respray without having no protection/filter on the air intake.

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