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Insurance with Modifications?

Curious to hear about people's experience with car insurance with declared modifications.

Currently paying around £550 fully comp for my ZC33S with no modifications declared (insurance is due to expire). I'm 35 years old, 5 years no claims, no convictions and it's parked on my drive.

Just tried Compare the Market with a few little mods declared (nothing major in my eyes) and they won't even quote me! Go Compare offer me quotes well over double what I'm paying now.

Tried Adrian Flux to see what they can do! I may also try my current insurers with the mods declared since I'm already with them.

With some of the extreme mods I see out and about it makes me wonder if they're being declared at all!

Edit: Found a company called Got 2 Insure through for pretty much what I'm paying now (even though Confused's list of modifications isn't very specific). Bizarre that searching through hundreds of insurers has only brought one result!

Pretty much none of the on-line systems can cope with modifications because you just don't 'fit in a box'

Put aside half a day next week to phone round a few places and speak to a human. Adrian Flux is as good a place to start as any, I've had my extensively moded Landrover insured with them for years. As you said,speak to your current insurers as well.

You might want to start the conversation with 'I'm thinking of doing this' rather than 'I've done this'in case they cancel your policy. History of a cancelled policy in askMID will give you grief for years.

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Thanks Bill,

Very good advice on that last point especially. Given the current time, I did a rough quote with Adrian Flux and to be fair to them they've sent me a very reasonable quotation and said they can most likely lower the premium with a phone call.

I'm that impressed I think I'll take the hit of cancellation charges on my current premium and switch straight over to them. I had forgotten about them but remember them years ago from Max Power magazine and the big shows!

Just an update for reference:

So I cancelled my previous insurance with Bell (part of Admiral) that I've had for the last few years. Never had a problem with them, they just don't really like modifications. It was dead easy to cancel, no long conversations trying to get me to stay. They understood why I was leaving and waived the cancellation fee of £55. In fact they've refunded me £5 for a little unused cover.

With Adrian Flux, I had an initial quote of £555 fully comp. They knocked a fiver off that on the phone, and I added quite a few extras such as breakdown and legal cover. One thing that seemed good value was £25 per year extra to cover me fully comp up to £20K on someone elses car. Last policies I've had only ever covered third party only.

Spent around 45 mins on the phone with a very nice lady and explained all the current mods. Told her of the next couple I plan on doing and she assured me I would be charged no extra, just need to call when they're done.

Ended up paying £13 per month more than the last insurance, but that's with all mods declared and some extras that I didn't have before.

Just uploaded my documents on the online portal, so hopefully that's that!