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Intercooler swap


I’d like to hear some experiences with an intercooler swap
Which one did you install and did you directly feel any differences when driving?
Looking to replace my oem intercooler with an aftermarket one 🙂
Also, is it worth the money replacing the stock hoses with silicone hoses?

Hi Flex, installed the forge intercooler the other day and at high revs there's a considerable improvement in power. Car was able to hit 125mph with 5 people in the car. Car was still on stock hoses so can't comment about that, but I don't think they would provide a noticable performance benefit. Does tend to boost higher, the red bar goes further than before from what I can remember. This is before any remap aswell.

Depends on what you want, what you have to consider is power to weight as that’s what the swift is all about. We went for tube and fin rather than bar and plate for two reasons. Firstly I’m 99.9% certain there are no european manufacturers of bar and plate so we went with high quality core made in the Uk. Secondly bar and plate weighs double the weight of tube and fin of the same size. Size is not everything what you have to consider is response with such a small turbo and efficiency. Our core is actually the smallest on the market yet we have seen a drop in inlet temps from 67 to 21deg C which is more than enough while keeping unnecessary weight down. It supports 226Ps on our demo car. Food for thought...

CTC, is there a weight saving between your intercooler and the standard one?


i am curious which one is better the one from ctc or from forge

I bought the Forge one, had a nice discount as well.
Still very happy with it. Great quality.

alex waar heb je die besteld dan?

Quote from Dennis Pekel on April 29, 2020, 9:00 am

alex waar heb je die besteld dan?

So this mod would sort the power deficency of the new hybrid version.

Haven’t heard of power deficency on the new hybrid version but it’s a different engine so I don’t know if it will fit