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Intermittent misfire

Hi all,

I am experiencing an issue on my 2014 Swift Sport 1.6 Petrol. The car has only done 49k miles. First time it happened I used an OBD reader I had codes stating the intake manifold tuning valve (adjuster flap) was faulty, alongside a misfire on cylinder 1. Since then I have replaced the adjuster unit with a Suzuki OEM part direct from dealers, also replaced the full set of spark plugs and ignition coils. Was serviced less than a month ago so the air filter is new also.

Having investigated further, the OBD reader shows live data and while rolling, the Mass Air Flow reading fluctuates normally proportional to the engine speed/load. Also, the pre-cat and post-cat O2 sensor voltages move together and never more than 0.9V (more than 1V could indicate a fault).

An added layer of diagnosis, the misfire is intermittent. Wake up one morning and the engine is fine all day, other days it misfires violently.

Anyone had experience with this issue? Help from anyone would be great.

add injector cleaner and try to use the best quality fuel you can get (also switch petrol station) and see what happens.
also checking valve clearance would be good.