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Issues with USB Port for Android Auto/USB Stick

Has anyone experienced any issues with loss of connection to the USB Port if slightly knocked or moved?

Same with connecting my phone slightest movement on a cable and it looses connection. Annoyingly i have tried several cables and all do the same, so i can only assume it is the port.

Does anyone know if the USB port is plugged into the back of the Bosch Unit or is it a sealed cable type i.e. can not be removed from the Bosch unit.

It is due for a Dealership service next month so will also ask them



I get exactly this too, it winds me up a treat! Every time I actually need android auto to work for the nav it fully cocks up and will not work for me, tried various cables (all new) yet it just doesn't like them. Slight knock in the road cuts it out once it's working and sometimes won't work at all. Other times though it's perfectly fine, very frustrating but just accepted it. Let us know how you get on with explaining to the dealer!

Haven't tried digging around to see if the port it removable to be replaced with a better option but I might look into that!

I have the exact same issue and I thought it was perhaps my cable or my phone itself. Maybe I also need to raise it with the dealership.

Same thing here... have heard of some USB ports being replaced locally, the connection seems quite loose. I have also considered trying to 'wedge' the cable in to some extent but not looked at this in detail yet.

What I am however doing on the side is designing a 3d printed docking station for the phone that fits directly in the cup holder, the idea being that the phone will then stay steady and hopefully not jiggle the cable around - another benefit being that you don't have to fiddle with the cable and can just dock your phone directly.

The image is my VERY rough first design from nearly a year ago, the new design will be more universal and not use as much material.

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