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I've dented my boot!


Reversed into a pole (!) and now I have a lovely dent and a sore head (my missus' fault that) Any recommendations before I try a bodyshop?

Also, on a completely unrelated note, how would I go about fitting rear parking sensors? I'm asking for a friend... obviously.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear that mate.

I've never fitted parking sensors to any car so I can't really comment. But If you go to the SSSOC facebook group this question has been asked before. Here Is a link to one such post. Hope you get the problem sorted soon :

Probably need a new bumper by the looks of it 😕

Not the bumper, it's the boot itself 🙁

Oh christ...hmm, might be cheaper getting it repaired vs a new gate then. Depends on the hours the bodyshop will put against it. My mate done something similar to his rear quarter panel and managed to get it repaired to a very high standard for about 200 quid. That was a wee local shop around here.. I'd imagine that might vary depending where you live though.

Don't suppose that place is near Worcestershire mate?

I've tried the plunger and hot water method - no joy.

Next is a dent kit thing from Amazon using glue and whatnot.

Finally if that's a failure, body shop it is.

Then reversing sensors of course!

Sorry mate, I'm up in Fife 😥

You could take apart the plastic lining of the gate and gently hammer/push the dent out. If you do this, try and heat the paint on the outside with a hair dryer so when it pops back it doesnt crack and flake off.

I wouldn't know where to start with removing that mate! 🤣

Any tips? 👍

Just had a try and because the dent is right by the badge and electrics, I can't push the dent out the other side.

Appreciate your help though mate!

Was worth a try 😁