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Lewis's ZC33S

Nice choices mate...I'm after the Greddy wheel too. So much bloody stuff I want 🤣

Looking really good pal! I keep looking at the GReddy steering wheels, but same as Moyz my list from Japan is massive! Doesn't help that EMS isn't a shipping option at the minute and I got a quote from Greenline using DHL that was more than my order was!

Some things I've just ordered from UK to save hassle, but other things can only be had from Japan. Also had my eye on the footrest and gear knob for a while 😂

I'm also undecided on the exhaust side. I have a daily wake up call from a Focus ST on my street that can get irritating. Plus with the HKS intake and Forge blow off valve, it can make some very enjoyable noises already 😁

When did you last get a quote, ordered from them three weeks ago and EMS delivered mine. It's a parcelforce shipping number anyway! Also some how avoided handling fees and VAT!!! Saved me probably close to £100!

I like the idea of an intake and really don't fancy an exhaust as I like the silent commuting, just want more intake noise when pushing the car!

Got one a couple of weeks ago. They said only DHL was available (as most Japanese retailers are saying). You were well lucky there! I'll keep trying my luck.

That was the feeling I had too. I'm getting to the point where the added performance of an exhaust would be good, but still wary of being too boistrous. The HKS intake I fitted gave me all I wanted noise wise really. Quiet when you need it to be, but the turbo comes alive now and it sounds like air is rocketing through the engine with your foot planted!

If you're unsure, I would just test fit a cheap universal pod filter from eBay and see how you like it.

nicely done car in great taste. clean. use her well.

Was the steering wheel easy to fit?... did you disconnect the battery or anything to ensure the airbag didnt blow your chops off? 🤣

Looking to order one soon 😍

Was simple enough however I did damage the clock spring as the casing came off with the standard wheel revealing all the components which were impossible to put back together! Just be careful when pulling the wheel off

Other than that just disconnect the battery and leave 20 mins and then crack on taking it apart, they come with instructions which are easy to translate and follow.