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Major service...ish. (Done at home)

Uruk Hai. Is the Petronas Syntium 7000 a good oil to use In the ZC2 range of cars? I have a service coming up soon and want to buy some decent oil for my 2015 Swift Sport, thanks 🤔

To be honest I've never used it before but the way I look at it is this, it's the correct specification, correct grade and Suzuki sale it so it's fine to go in my (65 plate) Sport !

For me the specs and grades are really important and all the fluids I used are appropriate !

As a side note, I changed the plugs and although they "looked" fine the idle is a touch more settled and smoother. Not much but I suspect like a few of us I'm very particular and notice all these things !

I bought the oil from Euro car parts via their eBay shop as it's not for sale on the web site, which strikes me as a bit odd but there we are !

Thanks for the Info Uruk Hai 👍

I've used Petronas Syntium 7000 0W20 oil for the last four services from 63,000 miles onwards. I spotted it on when looking for genuine Suzuki service kits. It seemed a good price for the correct spec oil.
The best price was from eBay:

Quick's the list of parts, and links where they're generally the cheapest to buy from:

Oil filter:
Air filter:
Cabin filter:
Brake fluid. You’ll need 2 litres:
Drive belt #1:
Drive belt: #2:

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Tom Duncan

Thanks for the links Matt.

Can I also ask. Are those the same spark plugs that Suzuki fit as standard In the ZC32?

Marc, they are the same ones and they're the ones I used and were identical to the original ones we removed.

I'm gonna sticky this as I think it's a very useful and helpful thread, I may revisit it from time to time if it gets too cluttered.

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Yes. We removed plugs from both our ZC32S, and yes, they were both NGK SILFRA611. Going by age / mileage, one would have definitely been original fit, the other probably was too. Other equivalent plugs can be used but on something this important, it's best to go OEM. Budget on £60 for 4.

Thanks for the Info guys 👍

Great guide and pics! I am just about to do this for my 2015 sport and have all the consumables *except* the gearbox oil.

@Uruk - I noticed you used Castrol, is this what Suzuki spec as OEM? I don't plan on changing the gearbox oil in a while after this so want to use a really good quality one.

On previous MX-5's I have had I always used to switch them over to Redline manual transmission oil, and it really kept the shifting smooth, even when cold. Just wondering what the collective wisdom is on gearbox oil for the swift 6 speed tranny?

Also do you need new gearbox filler and drain plug washers, and if so where do you get them?