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Major service...ish. (Done at home)

Hello Chris, the oil I used was recommended to me by a Suzuki tech and it is sold by Suzuki. I'm questioning my own memory now but I don't think there are any washers on the gearbox bungs and as they were fine we reused them. The box oil as far as I can gauge has helped on the cold mornings and I'll probably be sticking with it, the car has not yet covered fifteen thousand miles so there is every chance the box is still loosening up as the miles climb but I'm aware and accepting of the fact that these boxes are notchy by nature !

I have heard very good things about Redline MTL so it could be worth a try, I know back when I had Mk2 Golf GTI's they were known for the synchro mesh failing, partly because people simply didn't change the oil every two years and it was known to help with the crunchy cold weather changes.

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@Uruk - thanks for all the additional info.

One more question on the pics from your service info, relating to the pressure bleeder (looks like the Sealey one?).

I’ve just bought one of these for bleeding my brakes - did the standard reservoir pressure cap that came with the Sealey fit the swift reservoir, or did you have to buy an additional cap?

I have a 2015 sport btw.


@Uruk - sorry, one more question! Can you remember how much the synthetic Ecstar gear oil was from Suzuki?

Think I will go with the same stuff. Cheapest I have seen it was on eBay - about £52 for 4 litres.

Thanks again

Hello mate, the pressure bleeder is my mates but to answer your question there are a couple of caps in the kit and obviously one of them was a perfect fit.

This is the oil I bought, it's the same as sold by Suzuki and I wanted to buy it from a seller I was confident would be selling genuine products, obviously it's all the correct specs ect.

Just in case anyone else is looking at the sealey pressure bleeder, I can confirm that on my 2015 swift sport the cap that comes with the standard Sealey pressure bleeder looks to be the correct fit (its a 45mm inner diameter screw fit one).

Only reason I mention this is that the bleeder is relatively cheap (£40-ish online), but only comes with the one cap (the 45mm screw fit one) that is designed to fit most recent euro cars.

Sealey also sell a full set of pressure bleeder caps that cover a lot of other sizes, but this is seems to be aimed at the trade or someone who might have to bleed a variety of different car types and ages. It's also quite pricey at £150+ :).

Thanks again to Uruk and others on this thread for all the useful info and pics. As soon as I can arrange to borrow my brother in laws double garage I'll be doing a full service plus replacing front discs and pads on my SSS!

Thanks for the Info Chris 👍

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Uruk HaiChrisB

A little bit of additional info that might prove useful now I have done the brake bleed / disc check and most of the servicing (aside from gearbox and engine oil change).

If you are a bit OCD like me and want to use a torque wrench for the oil filter tightening then the following filter wrench cap from laser is the correct size for the genuine Suzuki oil filters:

* (Oil Filter Wrench 68mm x 14 Flutes 3/8"D)(less than a tenner online)

On the brake bleeding I used the Sealey pressure bleeder, which although it worked OK, was not quite as straightforward as I had hoped. Main issue was even using the bleeder at close to the max pressure (around 25psi), the brake fluid was only coming out really slowly at the caliper ends. I ended up having to pump the brake pedal to move the fluid though at a decent rate which is a bit of a pain when you are by yourself!!!!

When I measured all the brake discs and pads things were in a lot better state than I had expected. Only really the front disks that might need changing in a year or so (I don't do may miles) and they still have +1mm over the minimum left on them.

Pressure bleeder still useful though as it kept reservoir filled with fluid without me having to do anything. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this with a pressure bleeder setup. I was expecting to pressurise and then just go round each caliper and drain off the fluid (i.e. no brake pumping).

I am also going to fit one of the Fumoto easy drain oil valves to make future oil changes a bit easier / quicker:


You can attach a piece of plastic tubing to the valve for draining avoiding a lot of the mess when removing sump plug.

Finally after a bit of trawling through the online manual and some youtube vids, I got some of the grey gasket sealer that Suzuki mention in the gearbox oil change section of the ZC31 manual online. I only need a small amount for the filler and drain plugs, but ended up getting a jumbo size caulking type tube of the stuff!!!! Need to find a Permatex/Loctite equivalent instant gasket compound, but not urgent as I doubt I will change the gearbox oil for another 2 years. Not sure this stuff is strictly needed, but hey ho ;).

Some pics for reference :).

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Great write up and good Q&A.

In the manual I see that the two aux belts only need changing every 10 years /90,000 miles. Do people change them sooner ? I assume the engine is chain driven and therefore not critical.

One thing that is confusing, the online Suzuki Shop lists a Rocker Cover Gasket in some of the ZC32S service kits ( but it is not an item shown in the car's manual. Anyone know anything about this ? Is it something that needs regular changing ?

Finally, how many litres does the engine require when changing the oil ?


Hi Bling, and thanks!

I think you're getting your belts mixed up!

The engine, well, camshafts specifically, are chain driven, so no need to service anything there unless it's done astronomical miles, or has no / poor service history.

So, onto the aux drive belts for aircon, alternator, water pump. 2 belts drive these 3 items and from page 7-3 (Inspection and maintenance) of the the ZC32S manual, the belt intervals are as follows:

36 months / 27K - inspect
72 months / 54K - replace
and multiples thereafter...

Finally, the rocket cover gasket needs replacement if you take off the rocker cover. You would do this if you were checking / adjusting the valve clearances again, per page 7-3, this is every 24 months / 18K. The general consensus seems to be "don't bother" and it appears that most Suzuki dealers don;t even include this, as part of the service. I'm not aware if you can do it yourself as it requires hands that resemble an octopus and special tooling. Plus, the opinion seems to be - for the very small percentage of times it has been checked - that it has not required adjustment. You should do your own research here, to satisfy yourself.

Hope this helps?

If not, look me up on the FaceBook page and feel free to PM me

Thank Matt, that is very useful and answers my questions.

Do you now how many litres of engine oil are required when changing ?