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Michelin Pilot Sport 4's


Not sure how long they've been on the market for. But you can now buy Michelin PS4's in the standard Swift Sport fitment size. (195/45-17)

Helpful to someone I'm sure!

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John Kinkade

Useful info - thanks!

By all all accounts they are very very good tyres, I reckon I'll be giving then a go next time round.

From what I can gather and have read they're excellent but you certainly have to pay for the privilege!

I've got them on my new wheels in a 215 section and the full set was miles cheaper than a full set of stock continentals. And miles more grip so far.

I think Michelin tyres are good. They are probably the all round best tyre manufacturer on the market.

I don't know how the Continental PremiumContact 6 compares to the ContiSportContacts 5's on the ZC33S.

But in this video below, the tester says the CPC6 tyre is a sportier feeling tyre compared to the Michelin PS4's.

Based on his opinion, I'd have the Continental's over the Michelin's - because sportiness and feel are more important to me than anything else.

Annoyingly CPC6 don't seem to be available in 195/45r17, although they are available in 205/40r17. When the time comes I may try MPS4's, but as Dazza says outright grip is not always the utmost priority with tyres.

Incidentally how many miles are people getting out of there standard Continental's?

I had maybe 1mm left on 17k but they were delaminating really badly il find the picture I took

If you look to the right hand side of the tyre

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Thanks Will. Had they been on track?