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Michelin Pilot Sport 4's


Continental are a bunch of twats if you ask me...they want the minimum legal tread limit brought up to 4mm and their tyres only come with like 6.7mm tread from new 😡

@xu5 yes 1 20 minute sessions at Donnington when the car was bone stock

Is that the outer edge that's delaminated?

I did a full day at cadwell in nearly 30deg heat and my ps4 didn't get damaged like that. Im not running stock suspension though so i do get good even usage out of my tyres.

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Just out of interest does anyone else have the impression that tyres get very noisy in the last few 1000 miles of their life?

The stock Conti's drove me mad just before I changed them and I thought it was just that brand but my Hankooks are down to 1/2mm above the tread wear bars and they are noisy too - much much more noisy than when they were new.

Is the tyre a bit harder because there is less rubber to absorb the imperfections in the road?

Is there less space for the air that the tyre is displacing to escape down the tread grooves so it generates more noise escaping around the sides?

Whatever the reason I'm looking forward to putting the winter tyres on in a week or so then trying PS4's in the spring!