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Mods so far...

hello Ben. I believe you gave me the itch for a HKS exhaust.
Question, i notice HKS has 2 types . one called the Hks Spec -L or Hks Legamax. The L follows front to back and the legamax is back end only.
Whats the diff. what should i go with?

Sorry misunderstood you an HKS.

Hi Ben,
Great mods !
Legamax is only catback :
I have Spec L and Beatrush front pipe (54 mm), it is necessary to have more than 175 hp, as CTC said and shown by dyno, 42 mm oem is very restritive..
Sound is very pleasant, and not to loud :

I also have the power editor but not yet fitted, waiting for a dyno after Covid !
if i read correctly you kept the HKS settings?
Did you check hp with Scangauge?

Hi Phil,
Thank you!

I've been following your build for a while and it's very impressive!

Yes, after speaking to HKS and doing some research, it seemed sensible to keep the original settings set at 12%. Apparently even 15% is still safe with factory settings of the ECU, but they suggested I try the 12% first. Since it makes such a difference and really gives a push when overtaking, I have left as it is. 15% would be worth a try, but if you're not looking at the tacho the sudden surge may surprise you.

I'm sure with the work you have done, you will feel the difference much more than me 😁

I haven't tried the HP function of the Scangauge, but read that it's not the most accurate. Also because of the way PE works, the boost sensors read incorrectly when it is activated. I may try it just out of interest though 😊