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Moyz's ZC33S

Ah man, don't throw another colour into the mix, I'm struggling as it is!

I'll throw up a thread tonight with some idea's I'm toying with and stop stealing Moyz thread 😉

Fair enough Michael, I'll check back In later on for a look 👍

...don't worry about it guys, the more the merrier lol

Couple of fresh pics taken VERY early this morning...washed the car at 0500 to stop me falling asleep at work 🤣 Thought I'd take advantage of the nice lighting and grab a couple of photos to show off my hard work 😁

Enjoy!! 👍

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Hi Moyz

The more I see your car the more I like It mate. I think that the wheels really do set off the rest of the car. It all blends together nicely 🙂

So jealous...

Thanks 😁

Gorgeous car mate, I test drove a pearl white car and I nearly settled for that colour, but I made my mind up that all the colours bar white and yellow where abit to ordinary and boring so I got mine I champion yellow once I'd seen it in the flesh at the dealer.

Yeah the yellow is a really nice colour. To be fair all the colours suit it. There are some cars that look daft in certain colours but Suzuki hit the nail on the head with the Swift colour range.

My Mrs has a bright yellow motor so I get my yellow fix from driving that 🤣

Not much in the way of mods/fun lately 😁

Swapped out my HKS intake for a CTC/Apexi one. Also added a Project Mu brake fluid reservoir cover, an SWK billet alloy oil filler cap and an SWK high pressure radiator cap to tart up the engine bay a bit 😍

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