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Hi to everyone,

I thought I had better introduce myself as the last time I registered on a forum I asked a question without an intro and was verbally attacked !
So, I am Ozzy from Wakefield area, just bought my wife a 2017 Swift sport, the 1.6 non booster jet model (is it a ZC32 ?) in the metallic blue colour, I need advice on tyres but will try post on correct part of forum as I don't want to be in trouble (again !)

Welcome mate, get some pics up 🤘

We're all fairly laid back here so don't expect to be attacked for anything to be honest.

Your Mrs picked the best colour by the way I have the same car but in grey and I wished I had waited for a blue one.

The car you have is a ZC32S , your question about tyres is no doubt going to be the limited choice so the answer is 205/45/17 and 205/40/17 are suitable alternatives that alot of owners switch to.

Welcome to the forum by the way 👍

Hi Jeff, and a big welcome to the SSSOC. And I bet your wife Is a happy woman with her new car. My ZC32 Is also blue and I really do think that It's the best colour for that model. It just seems to suit the car so well 👍

Hello and welcome along Ozzy, I doubt you'll get in much trouble on here. 👍😉

Thanks all, not picked it up yet, going to pay the balance and collect the car on Saturday, I agree with the colour choice that she who must be obeyed made, we had a MGZR160 in trophy blue which is a similar colour, I was a fan of that car both in looks and the way it drove, in my opinion when well maintained an underrated car much like the Swift sport,
I have decided to stick with standard tyre size and pretty sure that I am going for the Falken brand,

Quote from Jeff Austin on February 10, 2020, 4:45 pm

I have decided to stick with standard tyre size and pretty sure that I am going for the Falken brand,

Hi Jeff.

I have also just replaced all 4 Tyres on my ZC32. And like yourself I opted for the standard size Falkens. I have used Falkens for many years on many different cars and have never had a single problem with them. And they are also a lot cheaper then the top premium brands as well.

And don't forget to post some pics of your new motor 👍