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New member from Wellington, NZ


Thanks for letting me join, I’m based in New Zealand and have been lurking on here for a while.

I’ve been into modifying cars since the 80s... yes I’m getting old. Although I have had lots of powerful cars, I’m more interested in handling rather than speed.

I thought I would join to get some inspiration on future Swift Sport projects... plus I’ve just bought the wife an MY2020 Swift Sport in manual.

I have stage 1 tuned Pirelli Golf GTI, but will sell to get a zc31 or 32 as a project.

I don’t see many modded Swifts here so thought it may be something a little different. Only problem is that most are 4 door.

Hello and welcome along to the forum. 🙂👍

A big welcome to the SSSOC Far4ngn, and from the UK 😁

Thanks guys, how do you get around the warranty so you can mod the zc33? Or are you all not bothering to stay in warranty?

Suzuki dont mind about alot of things but stuff like remapping will void your warranty. Best to ask your dealer, it varies garage to garage...