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New member (ZC33S) Some questions.

Hey whatup. I'm William from New Zealand. I joined this forum because we don't have this type of forum in New Zealand.

Picked up a 2019 SSS a few weeks ago, and I'm so happy with it. Took it in for its 10,000k service yesterday and missed it immensely while having to drive the Ignis loan car.

I would definitely like to do some light mods in the future - namely wheels, some lowering, intake and exhaust systems and a blow off valve.

For now, I have a question - Does anyone know what type of bulbs are used in the fog lights? the yellowness annoys me, but for some reason LED lights are illegal in NZ. So, I'd like to replace them with white bulbs.


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Hi William, and a big welcome to the SSSOC. And regarding your bulb query, I'm sure that a ZC33 owner will be along soon to answer your question 👍

Welcome bro 👍

I'm sure the front foggies are a H11 fitment.