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Hi Guy's,

We have some new products coming we wanted to let you all know about! We have been asked many times to make Oil Filler Caps so we have listened and have some in production now due we hope mid march. There are two types:

Type 1. This thread will fit:

2005-2010 M13A, M15A and M16A
2012-2017 M16A
2010-2017 K12B

Type 2. This thread will fit:

2017+ K12C/B
2017+ K10B
2018+ K14C/D

The cap will come with CTC Branding in a choice of Red, Blue, Black or Silver and Price will be £24.99+VAT

If there are any other parts of interest please let us know and if popular we can consider making more parts for you all!

If you would like to pre-order they are all listed on our website and for those outside of the Uk please email and we can invoice Via PayPal.

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David GeorgeChrisB

Thanks for the update guys 👍

They look fantastic.

All in stock now ready to ship for pretty much every Suzuki engine two types. Price £24.99+VAT

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Quote from CTC Performance on May 19, 2020, 5:51 am

All in stock now ready to ship for pretty much every Suzuki engine two types. Price £24.99+VAT

Cheers guys 👍

More new products on the horizon we are currently working on keep your eyes peeled for the ZC33S:

ZC33S exhaust tips for factory exhaust. All the universal tips won’t fit as the tips bolt on in an unusual way. We will offer the following:

Silver, Black Chrome and Burnt Blue tips similar look to OEM but 4.25” so should fill the outlet better and will be laser etched with CTC branding on the top. We are also considering Carbon tips but they will cost more and only 4” but welcome feedback.

We are working on an oil cooler as the current options are an eye watering £700+ we have decided to run a slightly smaller cooler than our competitors to make installation easier and we also don’t believe the temps get high enough to justify larger. More details to follow later this month.

We are working on our exhaust system again as we have mixed feedback some love it others hate it and so we are working on the volume and noise. This will take a little bit more time as there are many things to consider. We are also working on reducing the system weight further.

As our Hybrid arrives in 3-5 weeks we plan to sort 1/2 cage for the 33S and we are in talks with manufacturers to develop forged pistons and rods aswell as a big turbo upgrade package and standalone management. Much more to come from our demo car...

Talking of the Swift Sport Hybrid, development starts soon as most of the 33S parts won’t fit. Intake, down pipe, link pipe, clutch, IC pipes, Turbo... list goes on are different.

We are also now stocking Beatrush parts. We have an order on route from Japan. Started to list on the site will inc 33&32S parts.

Last but not least we used XYZ suspension on our 31S for several years and our MR2 Turbo before. We are testing some of their suspension on our 33S as it becomes more track focused. We will keep you updated and will likely offer a group but later in the year.

Not to leave behind the ZC32S we have the bonnet protectors in stock now and listed on our website so no more need to hunt for them.

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Thanks for the Info guys 👍

Daft question but are you considering doing or stocking anything for the 1.0 Boosterjet? I guess the market may not be there but just interested to know.


The issue is I don’t have a car. Can’t make parts without a car.

Fair point... was just wondering so thought it worth an ask

I think Bluespark do a tuning box so i guess thats always an option...