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New wheels fitment question


I'm looking to buy my first set of wheels for the Swift (ZC32S) and I'm not sure whether these wheels will fit:

The OEM wheels are if I understood correctly 6.5Jx17 with ET50. My current summertyres are 225/45/17 sitting on OEM wheels. Would these tyres work with the new wheels I've linked or should I also consider buying new tyres?


The tyres will fit fine. However, I'm not sure if the wheels may 'poke' out from the arches. Have a google image search for ZC32S wheels until you find a set with the offset your looking at and see how they fit. I'm sure they'll be alright but its best to be 100% on fitment when it comes to wheels. Good luck

Cheers for the reply! Googled some pictures and managed to find this Japanese thread on Cartune. They have posted a couple of wheel dimensions that fit. You can found the thread here:

I didn’t see a exact match but there is one example where the owner have the setup 7.5Jx17 with a ET45. Does that mean that the ET43 on the wheels I’m about to order should fit?

The ET42 wheels will poke further out an extra couple off mm, so if the ET45 ones look ok in pictures they should be fine 👍