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New wheels

Hi all,

I bought some wheels cheap and want to see if they’ll fit.

The wheels I currently have are stock and are 17” ET50 6.5J The wheels I want to add are 16” ET45 7J. I’d like to know if these will fit (I can get appropriate spigot rings etc)

I have calculated that they’ll stick out 11.4mm more but will this make the wheels rub?

I’ve got 195/45/17 tyres on my 17” inch at the moment and the tyres I’ll be getting are 205/50/16 on the new 16”

Would be great to hear your thoughts!

Everything should be just fine with these. I’ll be putting on exactly same set, except for et, which will be 48.

Hi Ollie, any news on the wheels? Have you fitted them yet and any pictures?

Just FYI for anyone else, I'm running 7j et38 wheels all round and have no issues with wheels rubbing.

Car is also lowered by 50mm or more on coilovers.

Mixedwithfruit I just bought a 2012 SSS and I have been looking at these 18" wheels. 7,5J ET40. Think that would be an issue? The total height of wheel + tire won't differ that much. Think I can run with that? The online shops lock me out when I try to choose it because of the offset/ET value

Are there any particular benefits going to 16”?

Would I be correct in thinking that Honda (and maybe other jap) have the same stud pattern and offset close enough to the Swift?

Dimitri, the EP3 Civic Type R wheels will fit straight on but I believe you'll need spigot rings in order to have them supported safely by the hub.

Uruk, would you happen to know weight of the R wheels???? suzuki bore is 60.1 bolt pattern 114.3 lugs 12x1.5. Currently looking at a set 16x6.5 x 114.3 with et 38. will the 38 et stick out the fender wells???
Honda has a differnt bore and the lud separation is 4x100.