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New zc32 owner

Hey guys had just bought a white zc32s after owning a black zc31s
And wondering if the brakes are a little less sharp compared to the zc31 ?
Thanks Zak

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Hi Zak, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

I can't comment on the brakes because I've never owned a ZC31, but there are certainly ways to Improve the braking efficency of the ZC32 range of cars If you so wish 👍

Hey Marc thanks
What sort of things would be a good start?

Hi Zak.

Things like upgraded discs, pads, calipers etc. If you have a few quid to spend I would recommend a company called CTC Performance because they specialise In Suzuki upgrades. Here Is a link to their website showing a complete brake upgrade kit :

Car looks great mate...right colour too 😉

Hi Zak. Start by giving your brakes a good service. Suzuki recommend changing the brake fluid at 36000 miles so make sure that has been done and the system bled properly. Make sure the sliding pins on the calipers are free to move and also that the pads are not sticking in the carriers. A few pounds for some new fluid and a couple of hours work could well transform your brakes before spending on modifying!

Hello Zak and welcome along, according to my service book the brake fluid should be changed every two years or eightine thousand miles, so as Bill says that's definitely worth considering. As far as brakes are concerned I would recommend something like EBC discs and pafs, I had the discs and yellow stuff pads on a previous car and the stopping power was amazing and they never faded ! I believe CTC Performance sales then.

Hi Zak.

Any news on the new car yet? How are you getting on with It and have you decided to upgrade the brakes. Or are you going to leave them as standard 🤔