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And here at Goodwood..but that's it - only Suzuki from here on in!

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Looking forward to see them 👍

Hi Andrew.

How's things with the new Swift Sport? Have you decided what mods you want to do yet?

Mods elsewhere - but following on from above - Austin 1800 now gone - replace by V8 grunt in gentleman's clothes - it's a Bristol 410 btw.
Needs a bit of work but am already thinking of a stroker kit for the engine......quite a nice balance to the Suzuki - both same 0-60, Bristol edges it on top end slightly but with one it's only waking up at 5,500 rpm and in the other it's all over by then!

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That's certainly an unusual car Andrew. What year Is It? I don't think I've ever seen a Bristol 410 on the road before. And It certainly looks like a long car. I bet that wouldn't fit In a standard size garage. Looking forward to hearing how you progress with your new motor 👍

Hi Marc - also i'm a moron as I've put my post about trailing arm bushes in with the 31's, not the 32's - can you sort or shall I delete and start again?
It's a '67 - they only made 68 in total - 8 left in this country a few in America and a few in Australia. It's a smidge over 16ft.
Cheers for now

No problem Andrew.

Your post has been moved as requested 👍

Thanks..much appreciated.