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Hi all I’m going to look at a 15 Suzuki swift sport nav in the morning what’s people’s thought on them going from a 2.0 diesel insignia

Hi Tony, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

The ZC32 Is a great value, naturally aspirated fun car with excellent road holding. Although It's not the most refined or quickest car out there, for what you get for your money you really can't go wrong. I bought my 65 plate Swift Sport a few months ago and I havn't been disappointed. My personal choice at the time was for the Boost Blue Pearl Mettalic. What colour are you going for?

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Hi Tony.

I've never driven an Insignia but they are certainly big, heavy, lumbering things and I imagine a bit joyless to drive!

The SSS is the polar opposite - small, light, and zippy.

I imagine your first impressions will be how small it is and that it will feel a little slow. After a torquey diesel you will probably notice the lack of oomph at low revs with the SSS engine. The whole point of a Swift Sport though is to rev it a bit to keep it moving. The relative lack of sophistication creates an impression of speed at legal(ish) speeds so 60(ish) mph along an A road feels like you are really hammering along whereas the same speeds in the Insignia you would be just watching the world go by with very little driver input (or enjoyment)

Give it go, don't expect too much refinement or luxury though they are fairly well kitted out, if you actually want to enjoy driving rather than just getting from A to B then they are great cars to own.

PS let us know how you got on with the test drive!

Welcome along Tony, I'll be keen to hear your thoughts once you've had a test drive ?

I don't know if you can really compare a 2.0 oil burning Insignia to a Swift Sport which is why I think you just need to drive one, having said that I'll give you my thoughts ! It won't be the ideal Motorway or A road cruiser that just eats the miles, don't get me wrong they can cover huge miles (one owner has a 2014 with over 150'000 miles on it and it hasn't skipped a beat) and I drive mine on a dual carriageway daily and it's very capable but it's small and light with a firm ride.

At 70 mph you'll be at 3000 rpm, considerably higher than what you could expect at the same speed in the Vauxhall, When you first start the Sport from cold the power is restricted quite heavily until the car warms up a bit, personally I think this is a good idea but you won't be pulling any rapid overtaking moves until it warms up a little. The other feature worth mentioning is the "rev hang", basically this is like a old fashioned choke on a carburettor car which keeps the revs lifted at idle for a minute or two. The gear change can be a little notchy but this is normal and provided the gearbox oil is changed at the correct intervals shouldn't be a problem, the six speed boxes can cover big trouble free miles.

Personally I went from a 1.8 TDCi Focus and l've not for a second regretted buying the Sport, it goes well enough, handles like a fly, is very reasonable to run, maintain and insure and from what I've read so far they are very reliable, mine hasn't missed a beat !

Any other questions or things you'd like to know, just ask, this is a very friendly and easy going forum. 👍

I've had Golf Vr6's, Audi TDI V6, then a Suzuki S Cross Diesel and now the Swift sport.
By far out of all the cars owned the swift sport is fun to drive. I do about 25k + miles a year and its stood up to 13k in the swift in 7 months and still going strong

The Swift Sport has certainly got a strong engine. I'm sure that you will have many more care free miles In your ZC32 🤞

Hi guys,

I'm a potential newbie as well, currently own a DC5 Integra which is my second DC5 Type R and I've had a lot of issues with it so want it gone. I actually want away from the Honda scene completley as my last 4 cars have all been Honda.

I quite fancy the little Swift but also a Fiesta ST (MK7). One of the best cars I had was a Honda CRX VTEC - small, nimble and light and the Integra isn't any of those, so the SSS really takes my fancy. Not overly fussed on big power and I'm used to keeping a car in the revs so should become used to a Swift Sport fairly sharpish I'd have thought. Just want something that's light and has a good chassis and is good on its toes.

I didn't want to spend more than 3k for one which means I'm limited to the MK1 by the look of things, and the 5 speed box where as I'd prefer the MK2 as it's a prettier car and has the 6 speed too and a few more modern bits.

I don't cover massive miles so motorways etc aren't a major issue, is it worth just getting an older SSS (MK1) or worth paying nearer 5k for a MK2 instead?

Many thanks


Hi Marc, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

I can't speak for the mk1 because I've never owned one. But I can certainly recommend the ZC32. I bought my 65 plate back In May of this year and so far It's performed faultlessly. A perfect fun car for the country lanes with a six speed gearbox with cruise control for motorway driving. Whatever you decide to buy don't forget to let us know what you have decided on 👍

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Marc Thomas

I see all the swift sport models as a bit of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with the ZC31s being more on the Mr Hyde side with the 5 speed box and firmer suspension.

It can get tiresome when on a long motorway journey compared to the ZC32s which has cruise control and that all important 6 speed which means 3000rpm at 70 instead of nearly 3700rpm.

It makes a big difference to engine noise since the laters rpm is when VVT has kicked in and can get a bit droney.

That said you will love both and if you don't do many motorway miles the ZC31s will suit you fine.

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Marc Thomas