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Thinking of buying me a SSS this year. Not sure whether I want a previous NA model or fork out a bit of cash for the latest model.

Currently drive a Toyota Yaris 1.33 which loves being revved but would like a bit more poke.

Used to be very anti-turbo cars but I bought my wife a focus estate last year I maybe converted but it does drink the fuel a bit and I sometimes have a heavy foot.

Problem is also I am 6ft4 so don’t fit in many cars but I prefer a smaller car...

Always loved the old SSS and every time I see one... I want one in blue...

Hi Paul, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.
And regarding what model Swift Sport to buy they are both great cars. Personally speaking I own the naturally aspirated ZC32 but there are a few people on this forum who own the latest ZC33 and absolutely love them. So I suppose It depends on what you want from a car. Do you want the added torque and acceleration that a turbo gives you or are you happy to thrash through the gears down the country lanes In the non turbo ZC32.

And when you do decide on what model to buy please keep us Informed.

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hi mate,

i have a swift sport zc32s 2013 it is my first car. it loves being reved all the way to 7 k very fun and fairly quick car. very good on fuel i haven't managed to get it under 40 mpg (normally get about 47/8 i drive normally). reliability for the m16a is incredibly good i've owned mine for 11 months and nothing has gone wrong! any questions people are always happy to help

Well I’ll be using it mainly for commuting which is 12 miles of town driving then 15 miles home via the motorway.

Are these models similar in legroom cost being 6ft4... I ain’t small.

I have a 2016 ZC32.

I'm 6'3" and am surprised how well I fit. I have seat at lowest setting but I don't have seat right back and can have a passenger behind me.

My wife is barely 5' and also finds the car very comfortable and seats fully adjustable.

Ironically our last car was a 1.0 vvti Yaris. Another surprising spacious small car.

I have driven both ZC32 and ZC33, I would happily have bought either but ZC32 was a little easier on my pocket (still paid too much as really wanted it and there are not many good ones about).

I liked the low down torque of turbo, but like the driver input of NA more. My only issue with wringing the neck of NA is everyone knows it, turbo gives a more stealthy turn of pace. I'm not into shit box noisy exhausts as I'm 40 not 14. I would make an exception for my cousins McLaren!

Yeah I am 40 also and if are driving quick then you don’t want everyone else to hear it.

Not fussed about exhausts and body kits, would rather keep it original. I don’t have that kind of money to waste anymore having a wife and kids....

I said to my wife I’d like a sports car, she says that’s fine but it needs more than two seats, so here we are.

Always preferred the jap cars, had a Toyota Yaris T-Sport with a cracking 1.5 VVTi engine in it, have seen those for £2000 but want something a bit newer.

Provided you have access to a few garages/dealers get yourself a few drives in each to help make your decision. They may be happy to let you have the car for a weekend, mine were.

I was swayed by XR2 nostalgia. But would have been just as happy with ZC33, I just couldn't stretch to the extra cost.

Either car is excellent value for money IMHO. I don't believe you can get as much for less from any other brand.

I do believe the ZC32 is the last of the great NA cars you could have fun without losing your license.

Don’t get me wrong having a turbo is nice as it gets you away quicker and is much more relaxing through the gears.

But I can be relaxing in my Yaris then when I want done speed it’ll rev all the way to 6k rpm....

The new ZC33 would be nice but I can have a ZC32 for half the price and more of the enjoyment....

Quote from Paul Cliff on January 9, 2020, 8:27 am

The new ZC33 would be nice but I can have a ZC32 for half the price and more of the enjoyment....

Exactly what I was thinking when I bought my ZC32 back In May of last year. My next car will probably have a Turbo, but for now I'm enjoying working that NA engine & gearbox to the full and having lots of fun at the same time!

Welcome Paul 👍

Had both models and reckon interior room is very similar, really recommend a drive to ensure you can get comfy though, there’s plenty of room for me at 6ft but I have the seat all the way back and wish it went lower!