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I'm 6ft 3in myself. Owned a 32S, and now the 33S. Both fit me fine.

Ideally, the drivers seat would go a tad lower in both cars. But I do feel that the seating position in the 32S is that much higher than in the 33S.

I drove both cars for a while. The 32S feels a bit more 'perched', like you are sitting on it - rather than in it.

Are there any tall drivers on here, it would be good to hear whether it’s comfortable for 6ft3”+ drivers...

I had no issues with my 6'6 mate doing some of the driving on the way down to Dorset... He said it was comfy and the driving position was fine.

Definitely no room for anyone with legs behind him though.

I think most cars I drive means not many can sit comfortably behind me. I had a mini which touched the rear seat behind me and when I drive with the family my youngest sits behind me.

Not a problem as I‘lol be mainly using the car for commuting so it’s only me in the car.

Just have heart set on one of these. Nearly bought one new a few years ago, but we had kids instead.

Now it’s my turn....

You won't regret it I promise.

I thought I was tall at 5 foot 11...😥

Does anyone now the driver’s legroom size in mm for both the ZC32 and ZC33 models.