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OEM Diff Help

Hi all,

ZC33S owner, pre-hybrid, 8k miles

Generally speaking, the car is of course fantastic, but I do find one of the weak areas is the OEM diff. Just wondered if anyone had any knowledge on it they could share, what type it is, was it outsourced by Suzuki, etc. More out of curiosity really, but also maybe one day soon I would like to replace it as I fear mine might be damaged... or maybe it just can't cope with being pushed hard on the road. Either way, I feel like the car has more performance to give than diff allows.

Thanks all

As standard it is an open diff, like you i feel that it would benefit from a limited slip diff. I am looking at ctc's helical gear, torque biasing diff which are fit and forget. Other options are plated diffs from the likes of Cusco. Plated diffs wear out eventually though and tend to be better suited to competion cars.

Intrigued. Why do you think it is broken?

For the stock power output. The stock diff is fine in a road going car. In warm, dry conditions - the tyres hook up well enough that in most cases the engine will not defeat the standard diff to any great degree. Occasionally, the car will run wide under power out of a bend. But really depends on how hard you chuck it in.

If you're going to do track days - I can see a bigger benefit to going for an LSD, but even then - it is not a must.

The Rent4Ring Swift Sports - NA or turbo - they don't have an LSD... and some experienced drivers drive them flat out all the way round. If they don't need an LSD. You sure don't need one in a road car.

I'm not saying don't get an LSD of course. It depends on your particular car and usage. For instance - if the Swift Sport had 200 HP. I think it will be beneficial - even in a road car. That much extra power will defeat the grip more easily and result in the car squirming everywhere when trying to put power down in the corners.

If your Sport is stock. I just don't think you need it.

R4R have two of their 33S with LSD and another 7 in the new year 😉

They happen to be our LSD by the way. Transforms the car even at stock power.

Ok, it's not mentioned on R4R's web site. Perhaps they will update the site at some point in the future.

Still, most of the cars have been running around the ring without an LSD for the best part of a year or more.


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