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OEM reference parts for drain and fill plugs of manual transmission


Thanks for having accepted me in this forum.

I have been driving various Swift models for more than 15 years. Currently owner of one ZC32S model.

I am trying to get the following information for the servicing of my gearbox:
- references of the drain and fill plugs (which are différent) for the swift ZC32S M16A engine manual transmission,
- the procedure (tutorial video and extract from maintenance manual) for replacing the oil of the ZC32S M16A engine manual transmission.

other question: Is there any service/maintenance manual available for ZC32S that I could get access to?

Thanks & Regards.

Somebody else might be able to help with the part numbers but the location of the gearbox plugs is shown in the 'major service done at home' thread at the top of this section.

There isn't much of a proceedure. The car needs to be level, either on a ramp or jacked up both front and rear. Undo the drain plug and have a tray ready to catch the old oil. When it has drained, put the plug back in. Undo the filler plug and squeeze oil in until it starts dribbling out of the same hole that you are trying to fill. Put the plug back in. Job done.


Thanks for answer. I have checked the 'major service done at home' thread at the top of this section. So for the way to proceed it is fully undertood.

if somebody can give the OEM reference numbers of the 2 plugs?

I was rethinking my earlier reply.

It would be worth checking if it is specified to put a fixed amount of oil in or work on the 'fill it until it dribbles out' principle.

Just out of interest why do you want new plugs? Unless they have been chewed up getting them out they are reusable.

PS. The handbook says the Sport gearbox takes 1.8litres of oil.
Non Sport 5speed 2.2litres.


Actually, I do not need to replace these 2 plugs (it is just a precaution in case of future problem...) but nevertheless was surprised not to find easily the OEM references for these parts.

Also somebody told me (on the French forum) that the drain plug for the gearbox was the same than the oil drain plug (or sump plug?) for the engine and I wanted to check this piece of information.

Thks for the info on oil volume needed.


Hi Phil, and a big welcome to the forum 👍

Thank you!

Phil, you can find all the part numbers on the website partsouq. After you have put in your chassis number into the website it will come up with lots of schematics that you can scour through and find every part number for every part of the car. Hope this helps and welcome!

Also just to add to the above, when replacing the gearbox filler and drain plugs the service procedure suggests using some grey silicone gasket sealant (Suzuki Bond 1217G).

I ended up buying a huge tube of the Threebond 1217H stuff (a bit of research suggests this is pretty close in spec to the Suzuki one, which is made by ThreeBond I believe anyway), but I think there are a lot of identical versions (Hondabond plus some others) that do the same thing and are much cheaper!!!

The downloads section of the site has the ZC31S service manual, which for most mechanical procedures like this is nearly identical to the ZC32S. Its good as it has torque wrench settings and often parts numbers and details of any special tools needed.

The section for manual transmissions oil change starts on section 5B-3 and has all the details including torque settings.

Key thing if using the "fill until it flows out of the filler hole" approach is making sure the car is level when this is done. You are probably fine if you are using a proper maintenance ramp in a workshop, but if not check with a bubble level on a known flat area of the car (sill rocker panel area or maybe an area on the engine you know should be level).