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oil catch can

Hello guys,

The car is 80.000km and I heared and read some stories about dirty throttle body.
Some friends have also experienced some cracks on the elbow ( 13881-54LA0 ) holding maf assembly because the rubber was not soft any more.
I was decided to prevent the gummy to come back after some maintenance, so I decided to buy a little Mishimmoto OCC with 2 ports : In & Out for keeping the system clean.

Last month, I was cleaning the throttle body and replacing the elbow
While I was inspecting the inside of the intake manifold with my fingers, I found more dirty than on the throttle, so I wonder where the gummy is comming from ?

On the rocker cover, there is a simple vent going on the elbow ( before throttle and behind MAF )
But on the other side, there is a PCV and the the hose goes to the intake manifold.

Commonly I see OCC on the intake side, but sometimes, I see also no recirculation and only a small airfilter to prevent dust.

I'm more prone to put my Mishimoto on the PCV side and trying to collect the more blowby when positive pressure is coming and opening the PCV

What do you think ?

For the moment, I'm trying to make a bracket to hold the OCC on the wipers motors cover

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