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Oil change procedure

Hi all. Oil change due on the weekend...would it be wise to renew the drain plug gasket, or re-use the same one ? The manual does not specifically say. Relevant photos attached

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On my previous car I use to have the sump plug and washer changed but I can't see a problem with changing the washer and using the same plug as long as you give it the once over before refitting. 👍

how many liters of oil those the car take when replacing the oil filter, 4 liters aprox??
and 1.2 liters of brake fluid??
it is important to replace brake fluid every 4 years, because is also used for the clutch.
i think gearbox oil also has to be replaced every 4 years, i think it uses 1.8 liters
thank you

You should check the manual for a) the exact amount b) the viscosity. Regarding brake fluid, I have written a post on this, in this forum. The amount of brake fluid does not seem to be given in the manual, but I found 2 litres to be fine. Always use unopened fluid