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Oil leak

I’m a new member and a proud owner of a Suzuki swift zc33s 2019 with 6800km on the clock.
This week I notice a oil leaking in the left side of the car on the engine block gasket (I think).
Anyone experienced any oil leak in this model?
Thank you

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Hi Ramos, and welcome to the SSSOC.

I can't personally help regarding your ZC33 Issue but I'm sure that someone will be along soon who can.

Not experienced this on my car. 17,000 miles on the clock.

Hi just a thought but are you sure it's not been spilt there whilst putting oil in the filler or checking the stick... I have done it before.. I'd definitely clean it bone dry and keep a eye on it..

Mine is clean. 2018 with 27500km.

I haven't experienced any oil leaks. 24200km on the clock.

As mentioned have it cleaned and monitor... if you've had a recent service it may be good to check if the oil filter is tightly secured.

I’ve cleaned the oil and will check regularly. There is no spilts from the dipstick. The others parts off the engine are clean. Next month the car will have the first service and I will talk about that issue.
Thank you for the feedback