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Oil Warning Light

Hi, my 2015 swift sport has the oil warning light illuminated. I have checked oil and it was just above the lower level mark, I have topped it up and it is now just below the full mark, however after a ten mile run the light is still on.

Has anyone had experience of this problem, or can point me in the right direction to fix it please.



Hi, After doing a little research I have found out the warning light means it's time for a service, and also how to reset it. service is getting done next week so it will be sorted then.



Are you sure it's the oil 'low pressure' light? This shows an oil can and I'm pretty sure it is red.

There is also a yellow light that says the word 'oil'. This is a service interval light.

If you have the 'oil can' light then you have a problem, it's probably garage time. If you have the yellow light its just asking you for a service and you can reset the light afterwards.

You beat me to it yourself!

Thank you for the reply Bill, yes it's the yellow light with the spanner.

Glad you got It sorted Steven 👍