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parking camera issue

So i fitted a parking camera to my Pioneer head-unit but im having an odd issue. Basically the head-unit does not always get a signal so when i put it in reverse the screen flicks over to the camera but its blank. It seems a bit hit or miss as to weather it will do it or not. with the camera are parking sensors (They are on the same loop) and they work fine every time so i know its getting power.

The way it seems to go is when i start the car it works fine for a couple of times then it just giving a picture. It wont then come back until ive left the car for a while....

could it be that its just not getting enough power?

The wires are earthed on the same bolt all the tail lights are so im assuming that should be fine as well?

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Very annoying issue. I have installed a rearview camera myself last weekend and I had to connect it to a wire coming from the headunit called something like the "reverse trigger", maybe this wire is faulty/connected improperly if you think everything at the taillight seems to be mounted correctly.