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Phil ZC33S from France

After using ZC31S for track, I ordered a ZC33S in red colour, for road and track use..
I received it in September and and I started some mods :
Brake :
Hel braided brake hoses
Motul RBF600
Ferodo DS3000 front pads

Wheels :
OZ Ultraleggera 7X16 ET45
Yokohama AD08R 205/45/16

Intake :
Greddy air filter

Chassis :
Cusco, front upper strut bar, rear upper strut bar, middle power brace, front power brace
Hardrace rear anti roll bar
Summit rear power brace

Springs :
Tein (-30/-20 mm, not fitted)

Other :
Brake Light Flasher, 3 points harness, Scangauge 2

next coming :
Fujistsubo front pipe, HKS Power Editor, Zero1000 air intake hose, Cusco pitch stopper..

Most parts come from CTC Performance.

Very happy with this new toy !!

On Track :

Youtube channel :

Looks good.

By any chance was your last car silver?

Nice work my man 👍 Make sure you do a little review of the pitch stopper. I fancy one but the Cusco one looks like it will rattle the teeth out your head 🤣 Hardrace are developing one at the moment so I may hold off untill they release theirs.

@pietwillem yes, Silky Silver :

About Cusco pitch stopper, I read that two times, hum maybe it requires reflection, and waiting for Hardrace review..
Blue car on video is Elise 111R (a friend), I was surprised to be able to chase her..

Seen your thread on a other Suzuki forum when i was looking for info over the Piper manifold.

That was nice car as well.

Really want to try this track next year but cant find any dates

Phil, I highly recommend uprated shifter cage and bracket bushes. Especially since your car is a track beast...they seriously tighten up the shifts. I would go so far as to say that you wouldn't need a short shifter if you do this mod 👍 They are quite cheap and combined with an uprated pitch stopper they will be amazing 🤘😆🤘

...and are you by any chance using GreenLine Motorsports for some of your tasty treats? ☺

I've just ordered a Zero1000 intake hose from them...hope my wife doesn't see the emails lol. I've had a couple of bits and bobs from GreenLine, they are top guys. Never missed a beat with what I've ordered so far. They are good for obscure JDM parts that you just can't get from other suppliers over here in Europe.


Didn't order a Zero1000 hose...going to hold off for one of the CTC ones 😁