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Phil ZC33S from France

What a coincidence, yesterday I was searching for which torque to use for the hardrace mount. I am receiving it today, I will check the manual to be sure 🙂

Hi Flex

Do you have a workshop manual?
Where did you get it looking around every where for one.....

Just got the delivery. Unfortunately no manual. Just a box with the mount and a sticker.

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wait for your comment on the hardrace rear mount. i ended up with cusco, but im more used to it now. but its definitely quite different from stock, can be annoying at times if you want a quiet ride.

New HKS filter, red type are soft oil 2 layers, 70001-AK031..
New boost pressure 1,11 bar !

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anyone planning to change the engine mount to hardrace too? wonder how is it compare to stock.
so far only rear mount is being changed.

Very nice you concerned about the filtration? I hear the green ones are pretty bad.

Have you installed the mount yet? On closer inspection my mount seems pretty badly made the rubber is not straight the engine side ring seems
Lob sided and not evenly sized .....

Is that 1.11 Bar pressure using the Power Editor Phil? Im waiting on a quotation from Greenline for a boost gauge and mount since the Scangauge is only reporting what the pressure sensors see. Because they are being fooled, it's not accurate so I need an actual gauge connected.

Kenji, green ones are only bad in areas such as deserts if they are not changed regularly. In the manual it says 6-12 months depending on environment, even less in extreme conditions. Oil filled ones give a greater performance as they offer less restriction, relying on oil to catch contaminants rather than the extra dry material. The flip side to these is they must be kept clean or else performace will suffer. They clog easier because the dirt sticks to the oil, but again, if changed periodically, there are no issues.

For most people, either option is perfectly safe as long as they are changed soon enough.

Power Editor is not fit today, I will go to dyno for fine tune..

Impressive! Seems your other mods may have freed up that little turbo 😁