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Phil ZC33S from France

Hi Phil

Just installed the rear mount I personally would have gone a bit harder at idle the rear number plate rattles a bit in the cabin i cant notice any sound difference mind you my engine and exhaust is still stock.
If I knew I would have gone the Beatrush medium I think I would never purchase Hardrace again I dont like the build quality the bushing was not straight I complained they gave me a BS story... I was too lazy I just installed it. I only got it as it was more convenient and our doller is very weak at the moment but would have been priced similar.
Definately that annoying shutter or bounce between shifts have gotten better its still a little bad at 1st. I definately find shifting much easyer and I dont think I would stall any more (I got a very steep drive way with a bump that I scrape on at the start.....) Where Im at the temp would be only about 10c°at its lowest and low 40c° at the hottest maybe the Beatrush would have suited me.
How cold does it get where you are?.

Hi Kenji,
Thank's, when I had the Beatrush it was cold, about 10° C.
I sold it to a guy who lives in a warm country (25/30° C), he says that after 100 km it got softer..
RRP have a medium rear mount, a Belgian says he is quiet with good quality.

We are stocking Beatrush and also doing our own shift bushes and mount in the next few months 😉

Tm square make one as well that looks exactly the same as the hardrace one but from the photos much better made.

強化エンジンマウント ZC33S

TM refuse to sell outside of Japan although I have a contact in Japan who we can source parts from.

Yesterday, trackday at Croix en Ternois..

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Looks great fun Phil, lovely little track 👍

No problems at all with my Hardrace rear engine mount. Actually one of the best mods I have done to the car!

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Phil Swift-Sport

Thank's Flex.
Some picts of last trackday..

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  • 1949.jpg
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Your car looks great on track and you certainly seem to have fun!

I have lost track of your build, have you changed the springs or dampers?

Also a question about your OZ wheels, was the weight saving noticeable for you?

Thanks, Andy.