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Phil ZC33S from France

Thank's Andy,
no springs or coilovers, just rear arb..
Weight saving is very significant, better acceleration !

Does my admission take hot air?
I installed a digital thermometer in the engine bay, then I drove about 20 km.
Engine was hot, oil temp 90°C, outside temperature was 19°C, engine bay near 40/45°C (depends of speed), intake temp always 23°C (MAF sensor)..
Same thing with original airbox, 4/5°C above ext temp.

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Finally someone independent does some testing so what I keep saying about the intake not needing to be 2 meters long to get cold air from the wheel arch which actually means the turbo has to work much harder. Dyno results I have seen don't match the crazy claims of the manufacturers and infact from what we have seen actually lose torque. Great testing as ever. Inlet temps on open filter are only an issue when stationary and the irony is you don't need any power when doing 0mph... If I had shown this no one would believe me hahaha

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Good stuff Phil 👍

So the cold air duct ( the one from above the hot rad ) is doing its job Phil

@phil-swift-sport Do you have plans to install a Air Scoop?

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No, it's cost a lot and need to cut bumper..
I make my one.

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New earthing..
A mod that may seem unnecessary, but I had all the pieces to do it, so it costs nothing for me.
The engine is softer, can be a little more torque, don't knaw, but it looks like..
I've had it for three days, and it's very hot right now, near 30°C.

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@phil-swift-sport how do you find the greddy informeter? is in any good for boost pressures etc?

Very happy with it, I can live without it !
Boost pressure seems accurate..
Just misses oil temp, but car have no sensor.
You can change gauge easily, and make a shiftlight with it.
Fitting is simple, just connect to OBD plug.