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Phil ZC33S from France

Sorry to keep spamming your posts Phil. Excited to see you finish this project maybe one day I will come meet you on a swift road trip lol

BOV we are working on now I need to be faster to get you to buy our brand hahaha

Started work now on a alternative to HKS...

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@flex I will go to atmosphere with special fin for lower level..

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@ctc-performance you are wellcome in France, in northern France we have five track race, it would be nice to organize a meeting with other members..
As I said before, I'm impatient to tune my car, I can't wait one month or two, lol !

Loved your new video Phil 🤘

What track is that? It reminds me of Tsukuba in Japan.

I must say you're a pretty good driver...much better than the guy in the Clio 🤣

A touch more power in the Swift and you'd have blown him away for sure 👍

Thank's @moyz !
It's Croix en Ternois in north of France (62, Pas de Calais), length 2000 m :

I need more camber at front and 10 cv extra power to go beyond, but it's not race, just for fun.
I can not wait to install exhaust and Power Editor !!
Next tires will be Toyo R888R, more grip and more faster at cornering.

PS : I try to insert video from Youtube, it does not work.

HKS Super SQV fitted..
Sorry, Youtube insert video don't works, look at my channel "Moi-c Philou"..

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Very happy with HKS Super SQV on track, it's like NA engine, so close !
But I did not hear pschiiiiit, lol !

Last Saturday..

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The following :

Received, Beatrush front pipe, Mishimoto oil catch can..

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Be interesting to see how the front pipe effects things...

Keep up the good work!

Always enjoy watching your track videos 🤘

It will help a little but the down pipe will still act as the bottle neck at only 42mm that’s going to be holding you back for sure.