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Phil ZC33S from France

Sounds great dude 👍 I can't wait to get my CTC system...this is making me very jealous ☺

Thank's, and yes I'm very happy with this, I think little more power, and so I change setup and go with return suction of the HKS blow-off..
It's works better with new exhaust system, but I don't knaw why?

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New trackday !

Nice line mate . very smooth . Question with the sway bar and the other stiff mods has it control more oversteer or understeer?

Car looks great and I bet It goes like a rocket too 🙂

@motormadmarc thank's !

@shifter55 hum, I would like to say neutral, but I'm not use car like a rally driver..

News : remove the OCC, something is wrong at low revs, as if it's running rich, maybe AFR is changed?

Homemade brake cooling..
Not very pretty but effective, tested on track.

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Very cool! 😎

Great set-up and great driving! I just received mine yesterday and I am considering mounting the 17mm additional rear sway bar from Hardrace. How did it affect the handling and was it easy to mount?

I do not recommend Hardrace, cause you must change one screw..
I do not know if the problem has been solved, so Cusco was better, easy to fit.
About handling it's better, much less roll !

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