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Phil ZC33S from France

The rear beam is different on the sport, they have now released different rear arb’s

I can supply both or Cusco but Hardrace should now be correct.

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Good to know thanks! I'll start a list of mods while breaking in ... 100km so far so I have work to do!

I wish we have ZC33S here in Malaysia. πŸ˜“

Can anyone help me with hks power editor?
Download the data to the PC but get outliers.
The software does not change the values.

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Hum, which country? LHD or RHD?
Does the engine work and feel a difference?
Or maybe it's just software or PC system..

It was a computer problem.
Set + 9%.
I write from Italy, 0-100kmh stock in 8.0 seconds and 142 meters, with HKS 7.5 seconds and 124 meters.

I was thinking better as time, but driving feels the greatest thrust and the Blow off vent, never heard before.

Inoxcar homologated exhaust
CTC air hose
Greddy air filter
Hks power editor + 9%

Good news, thank's for feedback..

Hi Enermax, what do you mean +9%? Turbo press over the hks tune that comes already preinstalled?
Is it noticeable the improvement in acceleration? Do you recommend it? I'm thinking on buying one.
Thanks πŸ˜‰

The chip lowers the voltage of two sensors to fool the ecu. already scheduled for a correction of 9%, on the site collected 172cv with 11% set.
I saw a video where it lowers the 0-100kmh in 6.2 seconds. I only did 7.5. I'll try again in a few days.