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Phil ZC33S from France

Have you had time to install the springs. Pics.

Nice build.

Any updates on the HKS Power Editor? I have a Vitara turbo 1.4L ZC33S which shares the same engine as the Swift Sport. Do you think the Power Editor is compatible on the Vitara since they share the same platform?

@shifter55 never fitted, and sold, I will go with coilover..
Vitara have same engine, but ecu are different, I do not think it works.

I found a document at the 'Society of motor engineers of Japan' once. That had a few details of the differences between the Vitara K14C and the Swift Sport K14C. It wasn't an all encompassing document. But Suzuki did state that the K14C in the Swift Sport has 'upgraded performance'.

I'm not sure of the specific differences as regards the ECU. But the Swift Sport has 7-hole injectors, whereas the Vitara has 6-hole injectors. The wastegate default position on the Swift Sport is closed (allowing better response), whereas in the Vitara the default position is open - allowing better fuel economy, but less a responsive engine.

I believe the K14C in the Vitara really is 140 HP on regular fuel. But the K14C in the Swift Sport is actually 155 HP on regular fuel. But makes 165 HP on premium fuel.

As for the HKS Power Editor. I cannot say for certain whether this would work on a Vitara. In theory, the HKS PE doesn't care what ECU you have. Because all it does, is become a part of the existing wiring loom and fudges the ECU into believing that the turbo is boosting less than it really is. Hence the ECU commands more boost to reach the desired boost limit. Therefore, the turbo actually boosts more than the ECU intends and delivers more power.

I think it's more of a case of whether the K14C in the Vitara has the exact same loom connections as the K14C in the Swift Sport. If it does, it should slot in nicely. As for the actual end result. Difficult to say.

Thanks @dazzasport for your detailed response.

Dam I was hoping both K14C produced more than the 140 stated by Suzuki. The Vitara does however feel quite decent for an SUV. My old car(sedan) had a higher power to weight ratio and the Vitara feels heaps punchier. Although that might be from switching from an N/A to turbo haha :')

Hm yeah, all it does is intercept the signals to the ECU so I don't see why there would be a compatibility issue. Been trying to get in contact with HKS Jap but no luck.

If the Power editor it's just fooling the ECU, do you know how does it maintain right air/fuel ratio values? Is as easy as just decrease boost signal so turbo provides more boost and ECU regulates everything else?

Hi Phil cool car nice work!
I was wondering did the front pipe make much of a difference in performance?

Yes, with 54 mm diameter he gives 4/5 cv more over 3800 tr/mn.
Below nothing more with power and torque, just a little more responsive.

@enermax , you said :"Resolved. It was a computer problem."
What was the problem?
A friend tried 4 computer, without success !

Nothing new on car, just a trackday in July, playing with Lotus Exige S2..

I solved the problem using Windows 10 without the Internet, installed the drivers manually, found online and it worked.