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Potential new car, cant decide between zc31 or zc32.


Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum so I apologise if I have created it in the wrong area.

I am currently an 18 year old driver with 0 Years no claims discount ( simply haven't been driving for a year yet).

I am currently driving a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa D. ( I know its a typical chavy 18 year olds car, it has blacked out windows to boot.) but it has been having a lot of issue recently including possibly the head gasket on the way out. I am wanting to upgrade once I get my first year of NCD, which is coming up in about 3 months if I remember correctly, may be 4.

I am interested in getting a Suzuki swift sport as my second car but cant decide between the zc31 model or the zc32 model.

The majority of my driving comes from rush hour traffic with a bit of 40mph mixed in to the daily commute, however I want something fun to drive, that is going to be more reliable and not get 4mpg, So the swift sport looks like one of the best candidates.

The main advantage of the zc32 for me is the 6th gear, but how much use out of it I will get I am unsure, and possibly the more up to date interior, but I could get a zc31 with the screen.

Any other anecdotes on ownership of either of these 2 vehicles, or recommendations on which would best suit my needs would be great( my other option I am interested in is a Honda CR-Z, the hybrid aspect is cool along with the V-Tec engine, but the large price for a new hybrid battery is worrying for a young driver like myself), thought the best people to ask about these cars are the owners themselves. 🙂

Hello Dave and welcome along to the forum, I have a 32 so I can't compare the two but I would think buying the best car you can reasonably afford is the best way forward. Obviously at your age the cost of insurance will be a huge consideration so get different quotes and compare. Other than that I would advise you to browse these pages as there is a growing body of useful and honest content that could be helpful, it might also be worth joining the Facebook page as it gets a lot of questions answers and discussions. If you use the search function you'll find a wealth of knowledge and comments regarding people's opinion on and experience of ownership.

Either way, good luck 👍

Let us know how you get on and feel free to ask any questions you can find satisfactory answers to !

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Dave Robs

Hi Dave, and a big welcome to THE SSSOC. And regarding which model Swift to go for, I would opt for the ZC32. But then I would say that because I've got one. With a 6 speed gearbox, a built In Sat Nav and cruise control, you can't really go wrong.

I can't really comment though about the Honda because I don't know anything about them.

What ever you decide on Dave please don't forget to let us know what you opted for 👍

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Dave Robs

I suppose the thing I should have mentioned in my post is try and to drive good examples of both models and see what you think ?

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Dave Robs

Getting a fun car at 18 can be quite tricky because of some of your peers acting like donuts.

That being said between the two cars the Swift Sport zc32s is the one to go for.

I'll try to list against the mentioned crz.

-129bhp/ton > -108bhp/ton
-1045kg > 1140kg
-Mechanicaly Simple so reliable and easy to fix
-Far better reviews and awards including what cars hot hatch of the year 2012.
-7200RPM redline

-Worse fuel economy
-Higher road tax
-Smaller boot
-Higher insurance cost

Both cars will feel like rocket ships next to a Corsa D but there swift sport is the more driver focused car and when you get it on a twisty b road you will wonder why you thought about anything else.

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Dave Robs

Hi all, thank you for the reply’s and the lovely welcome to the community.

Due to your reply’s and some personal experience I am now leaning much more towards the zc32.

At the weekend I went for a guitar lesson and saw a swift sport and a crz practically next to each other. I parked up next to the sport so I could get a nice look at it and take a video of them both. And the zc32 looks even better in person. Both the exterior and the bit of interior I could see looked amazing and very comfy

Today I was at an Asda car park and saw a zc31 and I was a bit underwhelmed by the appearance. Also due to the older age it is going to be more likely to develop any issues to my understanding.

Now of course the zc32 will cost more but I think it will be worth the extra cost. I do want to hopefully part ex the corsa in for the swift, don’t know how to sell a car myself, laws e.c.t.

Closer to the time of my NCD being made I’ll try both versions of the sport though as It causes no harm.

Any other pieces of info/ anecdotes that may be worth me knowing about ownership of either of these?

David Roberts

It just so happens that my last car was a CRZ. 4 years and 80k miles. I am currently 2 years and 40k miles into SSS ZC32 ownership.

I am lucky enough to live in rural Aberdeenshire and also lucky enough to work shifts. My daily commute is 30 miles each way on just about deserted B roads. 'Day off' time usually involves a trip to the Cairngorms for a mountain bike outing or similar. I do almost zero town or stuck in traffic miles.

In short, hooligan car heaven.

Ultimately, on a track the SSS would be faster than a CRZ. In the real world there is no appreciable difference. The CRZ is easier to drive quicker because the electrickery does its stuff at low revs so you have plenty of torque. Say you come out of a corner with 2500 revs on, the CRZ will accelerate well but the SSS will be as flat as anything and you will curse yourself for not anticipating better and being two gears lower. Having said that - at any speed the SSS feels faster because the whole car is a bit more crude. Its more noisy, the suspension is harsher, there will almost certainly be a squeak and a rattle somewhere! 60ish mph in the SSS feels quicker than 60ish in the CRZ.

The SSS is more fun because it feels like you as the driver are having to do more to get the car to go quickly and you are feel more involved with whole process.

The interior of the CRZ is a nicer place to be and the whole car feals like a higher quality product. Go for the GT spec - heated leather seats, xenons, glass roof and better stereo.

The CRZ will be cheaper to run.
I used to average 45mpg with the CRZ, I get 38mpg from the SSS, same roads same driving style.
The CRZ has 12500 mile service intervals, the SSS 9000 mile.
Bonkers tyre size on the SSS mean same quality tyres are about £25 each more expensive than the CRZ size.
Road tax is £20 for a CRZ, £145 for an SSS.
No real difference in price for routine spares - discs, pads, filters etc all available from decent aftermarket manufacturers. The Honda won't ever go wrong, my SSS hasn't so far!
I'm fairly sure my insurance went up when I changed cars so the SSS is in a more expensive group. This could be a deal breaker for you.

There is (or used to be) a CRZ Forum - it was mostly American owners but you can probably find out on there if people are having to replace their batteries yet. My CRZ was 5 years old and 93k miles when I sold it, there was no loss of battery performance at that point. Honda put a 5 year warranty on the hybrids so the newest CRZ's are only just going out of warranty - I wouldn't worry about it.

If a zero miles CRZ was to appear on Autotrader having been forgotten in a dealer somewhere I would definately buy it. But when the time comes to replace my SSS I can't say I would buy another one, I'm enjoying driving it but I'll try something else next time. The 19 year old me though would have enjoyed the SSS more!

In the end it all comes down to personnal choice. Try to get a decent test drive of both cars and see what you think.

Either car will be a massive step up from your old Corsa!

Good luck, take care and welcome to the forum if you stick around!

Common bill we get to tell people all the rattles are just the side effect of weight reduction 😂

He has a point though , Swift Sport is a great car when you are in the mood but it's not always great when you want to get from A to B.

It does manage all right but there's better options out there.

I came from an M135i with an auto and i purposely wanted something more crude.

It did help it was half the price aswell.

Hi Dave, and welcome to the forum! Some great advice already given above, and sounds like you are leaning towards the ZC32 (great cars, but I am also a bit biased!).

Weirdly I was originally looking for a CRZ before coming across the Swift Sport, and I drove quite a few CRZ's, including a much rarer later car with the Lithium battery and the electric "boost" button on the steering wheel. I liked the CRZ, and quality wise Honda engineering is hard to beat - the cars just felt well screwed together, and with the leather and extras the CRZ was a very nice place to be.

The big thing to bear in mind is the CRZ is really *only* a 2 seater, whereas with the SSS you have the capacity to carry 4/5 if you need to. May not sound a big thing, but as an only car a 2 seater does involve a few compromises (speaking from experience over the years!).

I think though with the SSS its ultimately about wanting something that's involving and fun to drive, relatively simple mechanically and so generally quite reliable into the bargain. I'm showing my age a bit, but what I like about the SSS is it reminds me of the chuck ability and pocket rocket handling of some of the 80's / 90's hot hatches I have driven (mk1 / mk2 Golf GTi's, Renault 5 turbo).

In a lot of ways the SSS is about well sorted handling and modest power that makes it *fun* to drive and puts a grin on your face. It won't be the fastest in a straight line sprint, but as a whole package its designed to drive well. I like it for the same reasons I like some of the mx-5's I have had in the past - a real hoot to drive without needing to get up to licence - losing speeds :).

If deciding between the ZC31 and ZC32, the other thing I would factor in is how much motorway / longer distance miles you might do. The 6 speed box on the ZC32 makes things a bit more relaxed at motorway speeds.

Good luck with your search.

Hi Dave.

Any movement yet mate on what car you are thinking of buying. The ZC31 or ZC32 🤔