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Potential new car, cant decide between zc31 or zc32.


Hi all, sorry about the inactivity I’ve had quite a bit on recently, including something that will be directly affecting my car choices.

Essentially I work as an apprentice, but I also have an evening job at wilko. However they are making changes there to my contract which would have me working 7 days a week which I am not going to be doing.

This obviously means I am going to be loosing a fair chunk of my income. So my plan of upgrading sooner rather than later is up in the air currently.

However my opinion on which of the cars to get is changing yet again. I saw a zc31 recently and I liked the look of this one. Also I do no motorway journeys at all so if a 6 speed is needed I am unsure. But still I would rather go for the zc32 if I have the option.

i have driven both. i got the 31 lot more fun to drive in my opinion. drove a 2016 didnt like it had 15000 on clock to refine. went saw 2008 39000 thats better fun to drive and bought it. now its got new wheels and tyres. air ind. tein suspension. maniflow exhaust. upgraded front antiroll bar. rear antiroll bar. gan tuning device in ecu connection obd thing. goes great